Alaska cruise

Kids in tow, Alaska

We are a new breed of Entrepreneurs – those with the ability to travel at will while running a business from just about any location. Our only ties are the kids school schedules which we haven’t found a way to get around without becoming creepy homeschoolers living on a ranch and wearing prairie dresses.

No offense intended if you homeschool, live on a ranch or wear prairie dresses.

We started our business, 3AMedia – an emerging media design and development firm, in 1995. In those early days before we had kids, we didn’t really consider the benefits that would come from working at home while raising a family. In our mid-twentites all we really cared about was not having to work for “the man” because “the man” had way too many rules and rarely offered benefits.

Once the kids started to come along, we quickly learned to appreciate the freedom that our job allowed because we could sneak over to Disney World anytime while still coding websites and yapping on the phone about click-through ratios and that sort of thing.

Now that the kids are confined to a school schedule, we’ve had to limit flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants to flying during holiday breaks from school. We tend to be partial to tropical jungles, prefer low rise to high rise, and think that ocean front is definitely worth the extra money.

We’d rather SCUBA dive the reef than see wax at Ripley’s.

Kayaks instead of bumper boats.

Sailing instead of jetsking.

Mangrove Mama’s instead of Sloppy Joe’s – (although we stopped going to Key West when they opened a Bath & Body Works on Duval Street…..)

As the kids have gotten older and we no longer need to travel with diapers and strollers, we’ve been able to venture way beyond the kid-airplane tolerance threshold of four hours. We pushed this to the extreme last summer when we spent a full day switching from one plane to another as we made our way to Alaska.

We are currently planning our next adventure – Honduras maybe? Belize perhaps. It really isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Where have been some of your favorite family vacations?