Meet The Rebels

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About us

Rebelmoms was created for women – all women. From stay at home moms, to corporate executives – you’ll find a virtual home here. And virtual work at home.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach so we’ve reimagined the experience to create a personal and custom job search approach that’s as unique as you. Our (free!) service is a fresh alternative to the many scam-riddled work-at-home websites that cater to everyone and benefit no one.

At Rebelmoms, we don’t just post work at home jobs, freelance projects and home based business opportunities. Instead, we want you to EXPERIENCE them by networking with real women who know – those who have been hired, are running a successful online business, or are making money from remote locations around the globe. Our women-supporting-women approach prioritizes success by focusing on the QUALITY of remote job leads instead of quantity. That, along with out supportive sisterhood who are eager to share their experiences, is finally putting an end to the job-seeker frustration that has plagued the field.

Yes, we are REBELS, and we’re pioneering a new approach to getting hired to work at home. We hope you will join us.