The Lexi Sushen Story

Many dream about leaving behind corporate life. Reporting to no one but yourself. A seven-second commute to your screened-in porch.

Nine years ago, I did it.

Lexi Sushen


Now that I have left the corporate world, It’s even clearer. So much time is wasted in meetings, in so many ways. So much time getting caught up in crap. Stuff that just doesn’t matter. The little jab from a manager, a co-worker’s dropped ball, the disgust with your outdated office surroundings. Whatever your little stuff is, just remind yourself that it’s just that and don’t let it eat at you.


Once removed from the people alongside whom you’ve labored and laughed, you’re reminded of something.

Life is relationships.

In my role, the work and challenges were becoming repetitive. My world is now one of transcribing on my schedule  and committing myself to my family.


Corporate life can be synonymous with sacrifice, often of the mental and physical kind. Health and work don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It took my getting out of the grind to realize that. I’m thankful for everything that corporate life taught and gave me. For me, leaving corporate life has meant working a much more flexible schedule. I’m just as busy, but twice as productive. 

If you’re a boss, be brave, trust, and find ways to grant this powerful flexibility. If you’re an employee, ask for it. Wherever you are, you can do the same.

My Transcription world

Now, I have a total of 14+ years of transcription experience. In this field, I have worked as a transcriptionist, team leader, and training coordinator, so my professionalism, ability to work independently, as well as the quality and accuracy of my work is commensurate with that.

In my transcription history, seven-and-a-half years were in medical transcription for companies in the USA, and I have transcribed work in a very wide range of medical disciplines.

I am accustomed to many different accents (including US, UK, South African, Australian, and New Zealand). I have no difficulty with the Australian accent and have worked on many Australian projects. I have also worked on many research projects for university students, transcribing a large number of interviews in each student’s particular field of study.

My typing speed is 120 words per minute. I place great value on delivering a professional document with particular attention to spelling, grammar, format, and accuracy. For work which includes technical terminology, names of people and places, etc, I look up and verify these as far as possible to ensure accuracy and consistency. I set high standards for myself as a transcriptionist and will only take on work if I am 100% sure I can complete the work to these standards. I communicate with my clients and send updates regularly for the full duration of their project.

Recently, I have expanded my services to include Subtitling. I create subtitles for you with guarantee that subtitles will be perfectly synchronized with the video and audio. Additionally, I can provide subtitles in .srt, .vtt and .sbv format.

Hope to hear from you real soon.

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